Our retail counter is temporarily closed due to the coronavirus pandemic and currently we do not have plans to re-open it whilst socially distancing remains in place.  Please place your order online.  We are operating a socially distanced click and collect service.

We are currently processing non-priority orders up to the 10th September.  Please allow extra time for dispatch as we experience delays due to workplace social distancing and receiving stock from our suppliers.  If you place a non-priority order please expect this to take approx 10 working days.

Please check back on this and our other pages for the latest advice.


Please Order As Soon As Possible for September

It may seem that September is many months away but we strongly urge you to place your order asap for the new term and not to leave it till August.  You may have noticed that online orders from all companies are taking longer to come to you than before the lockdown.  This is not just due to increased number orders but reflects the increased time it takes to process orders whilst operating the social distancing requirements of the workplace.  Even in normal years we are flat out in August. We will not have our normal capacity to process as many orders this year - even if we operated 24 hours a day.  For this reason we have had to remove our deadline guarantee as there are so many factors outside of our control. 

We understand that parents are worried that children grow, but don’t worry they do not sprout into giants overnight the last week of August!   If it fits with room to grow now, it will fit in September.   And please be assured should the need arise we are happy to refund any non-personalised item up until the start of the September term as long as the items are returned to us unworn, unmarked (no ripped packaging) and can be re-sold as new.  You would need to place a completely new order for the replacement so please bear this mind when considering the order timing process.  Please see our website for the latest returns policy.

To help with ordering we will be posting up a series of sizing guides for each product. 

With staff working from home where possible we have taken the telephone number offline so that staff in the office can concentrate on processing orders.  So that we can still provide you with the level of service you can expect from us we have set up many more email addresses to be able to answer your queries and different emails   Please select the one below that best fits your query.

Once orders have been placed, items cannot be added to an existing order. This is due to the order would have already entered the production line. Please place an additional order.

We are extremely busy dispatching as many orders as possible and staff have been prioritised to do this rather than answer emails where the information can be found on the website.  Please allow at least 48 hours to receive a reply.



primary@smartypantsschoolwear.com      - queries relating to primary aged children

year72020@smartypantsschoolwear.com  - queries relating to moving up to secondary school

bk6@smartypantsschoolwear.com                 - queries relating to Becket Keys Sixth Form

bk@smartypantsschoolwear.com                - queries relating to other Becket Keys years            

sjp@smartypantsschoolwear.com                   - queries relating to St John Payne uniform

office@smartypantsschoolwear.com              - all other queries

Please be assured will we do our utmost to ensure an uninterrupted service and thank you for bearing with us at this difficult trading time. 


Please see our separate delivery page for more information on our current delivery options.