Coronavirus Update

Athough non-essential retail is starting to re-open, having carefully read through our 50 page guidance document from the government on how to trade, we have come to the conclusion that it is not possible for us to re-open it and offer any meaningful service to you.  The demands of social distancing in the workplace, restrictions on changing room use and quarantining of garments after they have been tried do not make it feasible for us to operate as we did before.  However we are fortunate that we already have a fully functioning website and hope that we can provide you as much online help as you need for you to confidently place your order online. We expect this to remain the case as least as long as social distancing remains in place. 

Also we are a small team and therefore need to limit our contacts with the public as much as possible as having to close the office again at this time of the year would be disastrous for the business and currently we are managing to service most customers online. However we do intend to re-open the trade counter when it is completely safe for both customers and staff to do so, but this may be September/October.  We do understand how difficult it is to sometimes choose your children's sizes, particularly for pupils changing schools and we do appreciate your forbearance with the trading conditions at this time.

Our telephones are offline as office staff are working from home but we have set up many more emails to hopefully direct your query straight to the member of staff who is dealing with that subject. Please allow 48 hours for a reply.         -  all primary aged uniform queries    - for children transitioning to secondary school                  -  Becket Keys Sixth Form queries                        - Becket Keys Lower School Queries                        - St John Payne Queries              - for all other queries

We will be keeping this page updated with the latest dispatch information.  The supply chain is severely disrupted and will take sometime to get back to normal so if your friend has received their order and you haven't don't think you have been forgotten.  For understandable reasons we are receiving a very high volume of emails and it won't be possible to update each person on the stage of their order in the short term.  Below is a list of items we are waiting for delivery from our supplier that may be delaying your order.  Having said that please contact us if you have been waiting for more than 4 weeks and are not waiting for any item in the list below.  We generally only send an order when it is all completed but if you would like to partially collect your order please email us.

Please see our returns and exchanges page if you need to return something for how to do it.  Our returns policy is being updated to comply with the covid-19 secure trading requirements.

Becket Keys Kilts - We have limited stock in certain sizes.  Our replenishment stock is due mid October

Becket Keys Sixth Form Short Skirts - We are starting to release second skirts but it is size dependent .

St John Payne Pleated skirts - sizes 30/20,32/20,34/22, 36/22 

St John Payne rugby shirts - size 34, 38 and above